Saturday, May 13, 2017

蔡 mummy's day

Happy Angs heading out to meet the chuas for this year's 蔡 mummy's day gathering.... 

been wanting to try this out since i first knew about it last year... 

shoes locker area 

recep counter 

since we had full attendance of 7 pax and were having our meal at the cafe, Alfred & I signed up for the Gold 588 package... i would say super worth it.... after deducting all expenses on entrance and food for the day, we still have $240+ credit left, much to 蔡 mummy and Alfred's delight.... i can foresee them making use of the 1-for-1 entry pretty often... =D

the fun started with  pre-onsen bathing, seated side by side, just like how it was in Japan.... 

total of 4 hot pools and a cold pool which we had fun dipping into for about 30 minutes .... 

then we put on our colourful Yukatas to have our early dinner at the cafe 

full attendance... 


Alfred's favourite oden 

mummy's curry chicken 

was trying to drink my lychee yogurt smoothie when it was served but kept getting interrupted.... first by Alvin, then by Mr Ang....  

trying to work the mafia 大哥, 大姐 look in their yukata.... wahahahaha 

the rest of us all had udon soup 

then it was NUA time at the lounge.... happiness.... 

then it was another dip in the onsen followed by crepe cakes, ice-cream, coffee and flower tea.... =D 

母亲节快乐 !!!

and a happy May's "Happi Wife, Happi Angs" activity too....

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hubby Ang's birthday

Hubby's hatchday coincided with vesak day this year which meant that both of us were free from work to go on a hatchday date together... happiness... was planning to do a 2-in-1 "Hatchday Celebration & May's Happi Wife, Happi Angs" with a lunch @ Hyde & Co, followed by enjoying a new experience of ice-skating together....gloves & socks were even prepared days in advance in anticipation

but but but... it just had to rain when the day came.... and after 2 lessons back to back at home sweet home, i was totally not in the mood to head out in jeans and the idea of going round and round in the skating rink just didn't look that appealing anymore.... so I cancelled the plan to try ice-skating... much to Mr Ang's delight... =S 

but still, we braved the rain to Hyde & Co, only to find it closed for renovation.... =S.... so we just popped into another cafe down the same stretch of shop houses....  

 Twenty Grammes @ North Bridge Road

Big Salmon catch for the Mr 

pulled chicken with nachos and avocado for me

so yummilious good that we 'licked' our bowls clean... =D

lava cake with pandan cake favour ice-cream for the birthday boy

rainbow crepe cake for me

this place really have pretty pretty cakes....

it was still raining... my energy level was at an all time low... and so, home we went for my nap.... wahahahaha

Poor Mr Ang, married a piglet for a wife.... 

Monday, May 1, 2017

May day May day date with Hubby Ang

Happi Happi brunch date with Hubby Ang... 

Chanced upon a unique art exhibition at K+ and went in to look-see-look-see...  
know nuts about Game of Thrones but still enjoyed the unique experience of observing the graphite micro-sculptures with the magnifying glass provided.... my favourite is the 'Beauty & the Beast' rose..... =D 

And surprise, surprise to bump into cousin,  Yong Xiang at the exhibition...  

i forgot what was the trigger but a random conversation during brunch resulted in a G-shock for the Mr and a Swatch for the Mrs.... 

YES.... finally found something that i like for my wrist, something that i will wear on my wrist (i hope).... =D 

this watch, called the crazypop, is in Swatch's POP watch collection series.... luv the colourful numerals on the face, luv the reversible silicon strap; multi-colours on one side and black on the other, luv the clip on function (for days where i dun wanna have a watch on my wrist) and luv the life-time free exchange of battery service at any Swatch outlets.... also luv that additional straps can be purchased at $38 each.... =D 

Courtesy of Jess... Mr Ang only paid $3 for both watches @ Taka.... MEGA Happiness!!! 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Charles' hatchday

selfie against my favourite white brick wall while waiting for the birthday boy aka driver of the day... =D 

first stop of the day - Chopsuey @ Dempsey 

a western (see the fork & knife) and  asian (see the chopstick) fusion restaurant under the wing of PS cafe 

Birthday boy with his Big Breakfast, 

white-skin siew mai to share

and fish & chips with sweet & sour sauce for me

ending off our lunch with 2 complimentary fortune cookies.... so unique!!!

He should 'Know his true friends and stay in touch with them' 
and 'I will be lucky, ... lucky, lucky, lucky'... =D 

my favourite set of stamps..... 
How i wish these were available in magnet version....

looks more like stickers to stamps 

Easter collection on display though nothing to do with stamps non postage... =P  

Which is your favourite????

the 'interested in everything' birthday boy  

~ a mini one ~

Harry Potter Book Covers as stamp designs 

I am going to Hogwarts!!! 

Chiong for the Snitch!!!... wahahahaha .... 
had so much fun in this gallery ... =D 

Third & Final stop - Non Entree

a very tired me with rubber duckie made from mango sorbet.... 

a random mix of mango, sea coconut, sesame powder, vanilla ice cream and raspberry syrup to make this fishball noodle dessert bowl.... interesting, photo-worthy but taste weird.... =P