Monday, March 12, 2018

Day 2 of Bangkok - Nong Rimklong & Asiatique

Alfred did some research and Grabbed us to this roadside stall

which was right next to a very dirty longkang.... =S

all of us were very skeptical until we had our first mouthful of food ... OMG!!! all 4 dishes that Alfred ordered were so yummilious good.... the bill came up to about 1400++ baht inclusive of drinks 
seafood fried rice 

stir-fry cabbage with eggs and crab nuggets

stir-fry crab nuggets 

Alfred requested for chilli and the store owner made this just for us

we were lucky that we had visited this stall at 2+pm where the lunch crowd was gone... from a blogpost that i read online while doing this blogpost, the wait can be up to 1 hour even if  you arrive at 10+am and up to 2 hours if you arrive at lunch time.... 

i'll definitely be back in all my future trips to bangkok... this is how good the food is!!!

took a food coma nap and we were off to Asiatique

a posh night market accessible by ferry 

Dinner was in an Italian restaurant 

Aglio Oglio and mushroom soup for mum and I to share cos we wanted to save some tummy space for night market snack later on... 

the 4 cheese pizza which looked like an omelette 

 squid ink seafood pasta for Alfred

beef for Alvin 

the shops here were definitely more posh and well organised than other night markets so it was a joy to shop 

so pretty and afforable that i just need to get them... =D 

Mummy's passport charm miraculous disappeared and she got it replaced at one of the shops... the staff was super nice to 顺便 help mummy to clean away the stains and gave the cover a good polish 

bought this for myself not because i needed a pencil case but just because i like the candy charm ... heee 

cheap cheap at 100 baht so bought it as a reward option for my little kiddos for behaving well in my art class... =D 

Day 2 of Bangkok - Little Zoo Cafe

One of the best thing about the apartment that we stayed in was that it was near a long stretch of local food stalls where we could stuff ourselves silly every morning....  

one of Prasaad's favourite - banana & corn kueh

tom yam soup for Alfred

this fried pork with glutinous rice was my favourite... the fried shallots sprinkled on was da bomb

kuay chup for Mummy 

all these for only S$14 favourite meal on this trip... cheap and yummilious... =D 

waiting for our Grab to 

with sad sad angela who missed out all the fun... 

What an expression!!!

sleepy corgi 

abit regret not getting the raccoon coin pouch... 

Alfred really loves salmon alot..... 

super adorable meerkats who were so lucky to have a big room to themselves.... 

failed at taking a welfie with this super uncooperative doggy... =S

super fat marshmallow-like raccoon  

botak !!!  


a scuffle broke out between these 2 corgis and their mama wasnt too happy about it.... 

the 3rd corgi was hiding behind another staff while their mama was giving the 2 naughty corgis a lecture... wahahahaha  

Meerkats Time!!! 

OMG... this is so adorable.... 

kpo kitty 

plotting to take over the world???? 

oh.... so cute.....